These are a few of the pinball machines I own or have owned


Williams Grand Lizard – IBDB 1070 1986, 2750 made. When I brought it home it only had an error message in German on the display. Now 100% functional!

Gottlieb Hot Shot – IPDB 1247 1973, 9000 made, Electromechanical. This game is featured on the cover of the Gottlieb Hall of Fame Video Game. This game was given to me in the late 1980’s. 100% functional! (I now have 2 of these . One is on permanent loan from my collection.)


Gottlieb Cross Town – IPDB 601 1966 vintage, 2765 made. The cabinet has been repainted very close to the original artwork, and everything repaired to 100% playing condition.

The Getaway – High Speed II IPDB 1000 1992 vintage, 13,259 made. Got this one off eBay in 2010 for $1100. Fully functional when I got it, but had to remove 18 years of grime. Also rebuilt the high voltage power supply for the dot matrix. I added the blue LED strobe lights on top to look more like modern police lights. They come on when the beacon comes on. Cost all of $8 direct from Hong Kong on eBay. I use a current switch around the wires to the beacon to turn them on. Power comes from a wall wart plugged in the utility outlet.

I now also have a 1986 HIGH SPEED. It was advertised on Craig’s list for $50. I immediately offered $200 and got it the next day! A lot of rehab was done, including replacing playfield inserts and 6 coats of water based poly, new plastics, and ramp. It looks and plays like new.

Other Pinball machines I have owned or that have been through my shop for rehab include:

Strange Science, Silverballl Mania, Cybernaut, Super Spin, Street Fighter II, Shaq Attack, High Speed, Comet, Revenge from Mars……